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Understanding Dementia

brain lobe functions

Dementia is caused by different diseases of the brain

These diseases affect the parts of the brain which are normally used for learning, memory & language

Daily brain exercises can improve your brain health.

Daily brain exercises, such as crosswords, Sudoku and word searches are a form of mental stimulation that can improve your brain health and might fight off some of the negative effects that ageing has on your brain, helping you stay brain fit as you age. But the key is ensuring that it isn’t so challenging that it causes you to get stressed.

If you are living with dementia then there are a range of resources available for people living with dementia in the community.

Ways to help your memory

You can take many practical steps to help your memory. A lot of these are centered around organizing yourself and following a regular routine. For example:

  • reminders

  • to-do lists

  • checklists for going out or going to bed

  • put up a calendar or wall chart to remind you of dates and times

  • Use a whiteboard to make notes and write reminders if you take medication, handy organisers can help you keep track. Different types are widely available in pharmacies.

Understanding Dementia together is a valuable resource for individuals and families dealing with dementia.


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