Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

Why use HomeCarer?

Quality. We directly employ all of our team which allows us to have the highest quality of care assistants and care services. Security. We ensure that all staff have a fully verified work history, valid checked references and have passed full security screening. Satisfaction: We routinely review client satisfaction and the performance of each care assistant. Cost. We will provide a service that you can afford and also advise you on how to request your tax relief to assist with the cost.

How to begin?

1. Phone us on 01 406 4285 or email us to discuss your needs. 2. We will agree on a suitable day and time for a free no obligation home consultation. During a 30-60 minutes home consultation we will jointly detail the Clients needs, history and contact information of all relevant people. 3. A detailed care plan is created based on the information discussed during the home consultation. 4. The Care plan is reviewed with the Client and any other requested person. It is further refined based on feedback and relevant information. 5. Once the care plan is agreed and prior to commencement of care services, the Client is introduced to the Care assistant and has the opportunity to ask further questions or discuss needs.

What happens once we start home care services for you?

Week 1. The Care Manager attends with the Care Assistant on Day 1. At the end of Week 1 the Care Manager in consultation with the Client reviews the services provided in the first week and applies any necessary changes for subsequent weeks. We prefer to perform this initial review in person. Week 1-4. Regular feedback can be provided to the care assistant or you can directly contact the Care Manager. Week 4. A review of care provided for the month is undertaken in partnership with the Client. All requested changes are applied and a monthly report created of the milestones, progress and agreed next steps.