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Ireland's Oldest Woman Shares Secrets to Enjoying Life on Her 109th Birthday with Homecare in Dublin

Welcome to, your trusted source for exceptional home care services in Dublin. We are delighted to share the heartwarming story of Máirín Hughes, Ireland's oldest woman, who recently celebrated her 109th birthday.

Marian Hughes and elderly client of Homecare Dublin enjoy a day in a vintage car
Marian Hughes

Join us as we delve into her remarkable journey and the invaluable wisdom she imparts:

Born on 22 May 1914, just months before the outbreak of the First World War, Máirín Hughes has witnessed significant historical events throughout her life. Growing up in Dublin and Killarney, County Kerry, she recalls memories of her mother's selfless care during the 1918 flu pandemic and witnessed the birth of an independent Irish state in 1921.

Embracing a zest for life, Máirín Hughes leads by example, cherishing every moment and inspiring those around her. On her 109th birthday, she graciously shared two invaluable tips for a fulfilling and long life: never waste time and live life to the fullest. Homecare Services have helped Máirín reach this important milestone.

True to her words, Máirín indulges in activities that bring her joy, such as bird-watching, reading newspapers and novels, doing crosswords, listening to music, and playing Scrabble. Her love for life is infectious, evident in her delight every time she reaches another milestone.

To celebrate this special occasion, Máirín and her friends embarked on a delightful vintage bus tour of Dublin's enchanting Phoenix Park. They savored the afternoon with a delightful tea before returning to Máirín's nursing home in the picturesque Chapelizod.

Asked about the secret to her longevity, Máirín shared, "Live life to the full. Not wasting any time, I think, is important." These wise words reflect her own journey and serve as an inspiration for all of us.

Máirín's extraordinary life encompasses diverse experiences. She pursued a passion for science, an unconventional choice for women at the time, and obtained a BSc from University College Cork in 1935. Working as a chemist in the university's medical laboratory, she later transitioned to a teaching career in Dublin with her husband, forging a path of empowerment and knowledge.

Reflecting on the past, Máirín fondly recalls witnessing the construction of her current nursing home 50 years ago, alongside her mother. With a touch of humor, she shares a conversation between her mother and a little boy on the road, reminiscing, "Mammy asked a little boy on the road, 'What's that?'. He said, 'Oh, that's where the rich old ones are going to live.' I suppose I am [rich]. I'm rich in the company that I have."

On her special day, Máirín was surrounded by love, joy, and music. The celebrations included a police band and gospel choir, who serenaded her with her favorite song, the traditional Irish ballad Óró Sé Do Bheatha 'Bhaile. Simple pleasures bring her immense happiness, as she expressed her love for the tranquil ambiance and beautiful birds near the river.

As we celebrate Máirín Hughes' exceptional life, let us reflect on the wisdom she imparts and the inspiration she brings to us all. At, we strive to deliver compassionate and personalized Homecare services to enhance the lives of individuals and families throughout Dublin.

Contact us today and let us be a part of your journey.


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